Fate 15ml - Color Club

Fate 15ml


Color changing nail polishes are lacquers manufactured with SolarActive technology for unique color changes under the uv rays of the sun. Perfect nail colors including colorful collections of fabulous nail polish colors that become two colors in one bottle. Color changing nail polishes meet all safety and environmental requirements; DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free. Color changing nail polishes use the very finest lacquer bases available giving you two colors all in one bottle when paired with the sun and SolarActive proprietary technology.

SolarActive has worked with manufacturers of worldwide brands creating the perfect color change effects. Some of the past brands are Blaze, Sun Shades, Ruby Wing, etc.

Winter, spring, summer or fall UV color changing nail polish will change your mood and instant smiles from the magic of color change. Color change nail polish is made in the USA.